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"...used them every day since...”

Hi Aurelius,
I got my copy of Copy & Paste Graphics a few months ago and have used them every day since, they make it so much easier to achieve a professional looking site. 
I often employ professionals to add the final polish and they are so thrilled to work with this product on my computer.
The files ranging from bullets to guarantees to ebook covers to seals are all favourites, there is almost too much choice.
The Product is perfectly priced for the mass market and the bonuses are a pure joy.
Thanks from the whole gang here in Britain, we are looking forward to getting hold of Volume 2.
Best Regards

- Eric Amey


"I can now create professional graphics for my web sites in half the time..."

Aurelius has truly created a masterpiece with the CopyandPasteGraphics package.

I can now create professional graphics for my web sites in half the time.

And the package was a great value - highly recommended for all web entrepreneurs who don't want to spend a fortune to have graphics professionally developed each time you release a product.

- Lee and Robin Collins


" increase conversion rates Tremendously!"

Thank you so much Aurelius,

You don't know how much time you saved me with your recent release of "Copy and Paste Graphics".

You know as an Internet Marketer yourself that well placed graphics increase conversion rates Tremendously! I can not thank you enough brother!

Please keep me informed Immediately Once you have any new releases.

"You Da Man"

- Roy K. Fielding


“No need to spend time anymore...”

The Copy and Paste Graphics Pack is a real killer.
Before, I used to spend loads of precious time to
Find free-to-use illustrations for my sites and ecovers.
But not anymore!
This incredible graphics pack provides me with
all the graphic content I need to go on
for years... No need to spend time anymore
browsing the web to find a good looking payment
button, or an image to go with my guarantee policy.
Thanks Aurelius, for making my online life so much easier...
- Mieke Janssens


Aurelius, your designs have much variety, the graphics look sharp and more importantly, no smudges between colours. What more can I ask for? Looking forward to Part 3 :)
-Nelson Tan


“instantly increased my conversion rates...”

Hi Aurelius,

Aurelius, WOW! You've created a jaw-dropping package here!

I bought the first Copy And Paste Graphics package when it came out. The quality of the graphics are awesome and instantly increased my conversion rates after I used them..but this one's even better. I no longer have to pay through my nose for top-draw site graphics.

Amazing work, I highly recommend this package and will be using it for years to come!

- Fabian Tan


“All you have to do it 'copy'...and 'paste'...”

Copy and Paste Graphics is true to its name.


Great package specially for business owners who also design their websites.


All you have to do is "copy" the image from the package from Aurelius and "paste" it inside your image folder and drag and drop to your Frontpage. Makes life so easy!

- Ian del Carmen


Wow, what a great concept - simply copy and paste each graphic straight into
your document! It doesn't get much easier than that. Thanks for such a cool
product Aurelius.




- Kristy Taylor


“...ten times better than any thing else I have used”

As Web visitors become more picky on where they spend their money
online, as a webmaster you HAVE to provide quality graphics to achieve that
professional look. 


When I purchased and started using CopyandPasteGraphics volume 1, it was as if all of a sudden I had huge library of graphics that
were certainly ten times better than any thing else I have used. 


Adding accent graphics like bullets as well as the guarantee seals or buy buttons made building quality sites - just that much easier.

- Ray La Foy


These professional-look small images from are truly help me building my site(s), including the unbelievable cheap price and great bonuses, totally rocks ! Can't wait to see your Volume 2 !

- Jeremia Trirachmat


“...saves me soooo much time and therefore increases my productivity”


I loved this package because as a graphic and web designer, my time is short. And although I love working in Photoshop, having the copyandpastegraphics package just saves me soooo much time and therefore increases my productivity.


I work with heavy and tight deadlines and that environment doesn't always lend itself to quick creativity.


Having some of the process done in advance just makes my life so much easier! And the graphics are so professional and high quality which I also love.


Thanks so much, this product was definitely worth purchasing!

- Kim McDougal


“You've really graphic designer!”

Hi Aurelius,
You've really disappointed someone here! My graphic designer!!
He was used to getting several orders a week for various graphics ... and now, it's more like one a month!
This 'simple' investment in your package has not only saved me money, it's also really speeded up the whole process of getting my sites online!
And, for me, getting my sites up fast is the real bonus - seeing sales come in that much faster!
Thanks a million!

- Vic Carrara


“Thank you for making my job easier...”

I am a graphics designer for my other business
but what a relief to have photos and other graphics that are already made up for easy insertion into my websites and client websites. 


The price for Copy and Paste Graphics was so very affordable!! I purchase tons of resell products and other software for my site and this was by far the best package for graphics I have purchased so far.  I cannot wait to see what Copy and Past Graphics 2 will be like.

Thank you for making my job easier, yet still providing professional graphics and saving me some time with my own work :)

- Rebecca White


“My conversions have improved by 10-15%”


Hello Aurelius,

Thanks so much for your great package.  It was hard to believe that anyone could pack so much into one package for that ridiculously low price.

I was skeptical, but jumped on it anyway... and I'm so glad I did.

I've used the headers, ebook covers, buttons, messages and everything else you packed in there to improve my sales letters and web graphics. 

My conversions have improved by 10-15%.

It's an awesome product and I have your banner on my front page and continue to recommend "Copy and Paste Graphics" to everyone.

Aurelius, I'm looking forward to volume II of Copy and Paste Graphics.  Make sure I'm one of the first to receive it!

Thanks again for such an awesome package

- Terry Hudson


"Your designs are awesome...great innovation”

Hello Aurelius,

Your designs are awesome!

Copy & Paste Graphics are exactly what I'm looking for all this while. I just want something customizable
by myself and at the same time affordable for my websites.

It's obvious I cannot hire cover designers to do ALL
my sites, this is where your product comes handy.

Thanks for this great innovation.

- Sabri SaifulSham,


"You could easily sell this for 100 times it's current price”

Thank you Aurelius for making such a fantastic product for such an AMAZING price. 


You could easily sell this for 100 times it's current price.  Never have I see so many quality graphics in one place for such an amazing price. 


When people see the sites I design they wonder how I'm able to get such awesome graphics.  I don't hesitate to tell them about 


The Bonuses alone are worth the price of this package Plus you have the heart to include a FREE Powerful Graphics Software that is simply wonderful.  This is a Great Deal! Thanks again!

- Brandon Santan


We absolutely loved the CopyAndPasteGraphics package as it was not only a fantastic product quality wise, but the price was affordable and the graphics could be easily manipulated to suit our needs.



Thanks Aurelius, we eagerly look forward to your next package.

- Kathe Lucas & Kelly Ifrah


G'day Aurelius,
Just a few words to say what a fantastic collection you put together with CopyAndPasteGraphics.
Not only is it the largest selection of graphics I've seen, but also the best for the price... thank you.

- John Leith



Hi Aurelius
I think your header graphics package was really excellent.

I find them much better and professionally looking than the ones from the hosting company that I bought my first website from. And the best part is that they are so easy to use and real value for money. 

Looking forward to your next product launch.

- Cecilia Koh


"...unbeatable deal”

Hi Aurelius,
Your Copy and PasteGraphics package is really an unbeatable deal. The videos are superb and are most helpful when dealing with the many things needed to establish an online business. Many thanks to you for such a low price for the great abundance of information.
My best regards,
- Billy Jones


"...well worth several times that investment that I paid”


I just wanted to say thanks for you nice graphic templates for your books, buttons, and headers that you have offered to us in this one of a kind package.  

I was able to use several of your buy it now buttons on our web pages. 

The report covers were just perfect for our instructional guides, and I can't believe those fantastic colors. 

All in all, it was well worth several times that investment that I paid.  Oh, I forgot to mention the bonuses really made this package a done for me to buy it right immediately.  Great work, and I can't wait to buy more great internet marketing products that you come out with.

Best of luck to you!

- Ala Luke


"'ve cut my work-load down tremendously”

Hi Aurelius,
What an unbelievable package. I absolutely love it.

I don't think I'll be having any trouble finding the right graphics for my sites ever again. Thanks so much you've cut my work-load down tremendously. Keep up all the great work!

- Lisa M. Cope



I have been a graphic artist before so I have the ability to create all of my own work. But why not save time (which IS money!) by relying on a tremendous product like this? And if it does that for ME, then think what it can do for YOU!

- Ted Turner


"...had an ebook cover ON my sales page before the coffee was perked!”


WOW! - I couldn't believe it!  I downloaded this and had an ebook cover ON my sales page before the coffee was perked! 

This is going to be one handy tool in the arsenal. 

It's not often that things work just as advertised.  This did.

Thank you so much & feel free to use this.  I've got to get back and add a couple other features now before breakfast.  REALLY!

Best Regards,

- Corky Devendorf


"...this was exactly what I was hunting for!”

Dear Aurelius Tjin:
I just wanted to let you know how much I like the graphics package I bought from you, and I'm looking forward to future products!
One of my Businesses is writing e-books for the Internet. First, I'm a Real Estate investor, and I promised  some friends that when I become successful in Real Estate, I would teach them. The best way I found to pass this knowledge on was to write a book. Well, one thing led to another, so now I have an Internet business as well.
Part of having a Internet business, from making web sites to self publishing books, you need graphics. Sometimes, a lot of graphics. I must have spent hundreds of dollars purchasing CD's for graphics, and they were not really what I wanted or needed! In fact, I ended up purchasing a couple different E-Book Cover programs that alone cost me well into the hundreds and I was not happy with the way the products looked.
I found you graphics and this was exactly what I was hunting for! In fact, for my newest Real Estate System, I'm using your E-Book Cover and Report Covers for my Bonus Material! I also use your graphics in presentations for my Real Estate Business.
Your price was a steal, I would have paid 4 times your selling price for these graphics. I only wish I could have found you earlier! Please let me know as soon as the next package is available, you got my business!
- Dave Magill
Co-Founder, Quick Cash Real Estate System, QCRES LLC.


I really enjoyed your graphics, and will be using them.. Your graphics are hard to find and I think are just perfect for making special reports and mini websites..

Thank you for sharing them with me..

- Cathy Smith


"blew me away...”

As a designer and marketer the copy and paste graphics package blew me away
For the small investment needed to get this package the bonuses alone are
worth more than the asking price.

The quality and quantity is vast - absolutely fabulous ! It'll be hard to out do yourself on this Aurelius.

- Roger Cater


"should be an instant part of online marketer's shopping arsenal...”

Aurelius created truly an awesome offer who nobody can't refuse.

His superbly designed website graphic images are extremely powerful magnet for my websites. This stunning package stuffed with more than 100's of irresistible graphics delivers the greatly professional look and feel and successfully converts my visitors into buyers!

Simply, this graphics package covers the best kept graphics that are literally a sure winner for successful sales!

I can't thank you more than enough, Aurelius! You really produced an affordably priced graphic bundle for almost every online marketer and this is *something* what should be an instant part of online marketer's shopping arsenal.

If somebody searches for the highly-quality sales page graphics for the amazingly low price, then you should try just Aurelius' Copy And Paste Graphics! You won't regret!!

Once again Aurelius, thank you very much for your wonderful deal!

I'm still amazed and pleased by this fantastic product you threw out into the website graphic arena.

Keep up the good work, Aurelius!

- Marek Brezina, CEO